An object lesson for your children – A Nickel’s Worth of Ice Cream

One of the scariest experiences I had as a military brat involved the ice cream man, my bicycle, and a nickel. My story would make a good object lesson for your children or grandchildren. I guarantee if you hold up a nickel between your thumb and pointer finger, make sure the children can see it, and… Continue reading An object lesson for your children – A Nickel’s Worth of Ice Cream

I Believed I Could Fly

Greenville, South Carolina In 1956, my father returned from a one-year tour of duty in Turkey. Our family moved to Greenville, South Carolina. The United States Air Force stationed dad at Donaldson Air Force Base, a C-124 airfield that emphasized air transport and called itself the “Airlift Capital of the World”. My first memories are… Continue reading I Believed I Could Fly

General Omar Bradley was my mentor.

For an eighteen month period in 1964 – 1966 being a Boy Scout was one of the most significant happenings in my life. The Boy Scout troop on Biggs Air Force Base at El Paso, Texas consumed most of my time. I loved the uniform, the discipline, the hiking, and camping. Well, you get the… Continue reading General Omar Bradley was my mentor.

Portsmouth Junior High School

In August 2016 I found myself standing in front of Portsmouth Junior High School (now Portsmouth Middle School) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I attended the school from February 1966 through the end of April 1967 when my father Technical Sergeant Jimmie Kepler retired from the United States Air Force. While the school added a couple… Continue reading Portsmouth Junior High School

Fourth Grade New Year’s Day Memories from January 1, 1963

The first New Year’s Day that I clearly remember was New Year’s 1963. I was nine years old and a fourth grade at Luke Air Force Base Elementary School on Luke Air Force Base, Glendale, Arizona. I remember the big deal that year about the Rose Bowl Football game. The University of Wisconsin was the… Continue reading Fourth Grade New Year’s Day Memories from January 1, 1963

Tumbleweed Forts & Snow Forts

In January 1966, I was digging foxholes and building forts in the desert near the military quarters my family lived in on Biggs Air Force Base located in El Paso, Texas. My friends and I would dig big holes in the sand and surround our fort with tumbleweeds and other desert vegetation.  Nature camouflaged the… Continue reading Tumbleweed Forts & Snow Forts

Tumbleweed Snowman

I lived in two desert communities when growing up. The locations were Phoenix, Arizona and El Paso, Texas. In the 1950s and 1960s, both areas had little snow and lots of tumbleweeds. The residents tired of the same old snowless Christmas. There was almost no hope of snowfall. Without the snow, there would be no… Continue reading Tumbleweed Snowman

Christmas – Military Brat Style

The first Christmas I can clearly remember was 1959. I was six years old. My family lived in Glendale, Arizona. Did I ever go to my paternal grandmother’s for Christmas? No. I never did that I can remember. Did I ever go to my maternal grandparent’s for Christmas? No. I did not that I can… Continue reading Christmas – Military Brat Style

Living in Military Housing

I experienced living in military housing from the 1950’s through the late 1970’s. My experience was two-fold. I lived in non-commissioned officers quarters as a military dependent on three United States Air Force Bases. I also lived in officer’s quarters as an adult serving as a company grade officer on active duty. If you don’t… Continue reading Living in Military Housing

Retreat, To the Colors and The Star Spangled Banner

Military brats grow up in a very patriotic environment. Respect for God, country, and authority are learned at an early age. I’ve listened to many of my fellow military brats shared their childhood experiences. Theirs were very similar to mine. One tale that always caught my attention concerned the lowering of the flag. At five… Continue reading Retreat, To the Colors and The Star Spangled Banner