Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

My Fourth Novel

Have I mentioned I’m writing a fourth novel?  Oh, I know, everyone is either writing a novel or plans to write a novel.  I’ve also published a nonfiction book. So, with that in mind, I’ll start over.

Did I mention I am writing a novel?

Yes, I am.  While I’ve  published a science fiction and historical novel before, as well as a short story anthology, this is my first literary fiction novel. I have hundreds of paid writing credits over the last 40 years in dozens of trade journals and magazines. My book sales have been routine for the novels and good for the nonfiction book.

Response of Family and Friends

Have you ever noticed the response of family and friends when they learn you are writing a novel?  You know the responses I’m talking about.  You’ve seen them.

There’s the rolling of the eyes up toward the sky.

There’s the bobbing the head up and down while shaking it in disbelief.

Sometimes they will express condolences to a spouse that you’re using your time in this way.  other times they will say “That’s nice.  Everyone needs a hobby.”

I’m a Writer

When I get responses like these I want to put my hands on their shoulders, look them directly in the eye and say, “Hello, did you hear me? I said I AM writing a novel.  That’s because I’M A WRITER!”

At this point they usually repeat, “That’s nice or I thought you worked with computers.”

I reply “I use to work with computers. For a long time, the day job paid for my passion for writing. Now I write fulltime. I am a writer.”

It’s sad. They still don’t get it.  Oh, I can send them running out of the room in a hurry if I say, “Would you like to hear a chapter?”  Those words are like saying “FIRE, RUN, FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE!”

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

I mention all this to say, don’t let anyone steal your dream.  If you’re like me, you have to write.  You can’t help it.  It’s part of who you are.  So write!  And, tell your friends and family that you’re working on a novel.  Let them the progress you are making.  And you can drop me a note from time to time.  I’ll understand.

If you’re a writer, I love for you to share a comment on your experience in the comments section.