Voices of the Bulge: Untold Stories from Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge

I have a book review of “Voices of the Bulge: Untold Stories from Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge” by Michael Collins and Martin King in today’s edition of Front Row Lit Magazine. You can read it online at: http://frontrowlit.com/?p=125

“With Musket and Tomahawk Volume II: The Mohawk Valley Campaign in the Wilderness War Of 1777” by Michael Logusz

I have not read “With Musket and Tomahawk: The Saratoga Campaign and the Wilderness War of 1777” by Michael O. Logusz. I am proof you don’t have to read volume I to enjoy volume II. I’ll confess I have a good background in the history of the American Revolutionary War. I have a BA in history. I took every undergraduate course offered on the American Revolution at my university. I also studied it when taking United States military history. The author does a good job of telling the story. The book is a good balance on scholarly level research and documentation wrapped around a very good story. You feel like you are there at of Fort Stanwix and the Battle of Oriskany. You learn that in many ways the neighbor versus neighbor and family versus family first happen in this war, not the US Civil War. You learn there were Indians fighting on both sides as well. You experience the wilderness of this war right down to the lay of the land. You experience the military strategies and maneuvers as well as the frightening viciousness of battle. You learn of the key role western New York played in this war. This watershed campaign helped seal England’s demise and America’s eventual triumph. The book doesn’t read like an after action report with mind numbing details and numbers. It tells the story and held my attention. If you’re looking for reality based “leather-stocking” tales, this is it.