How to Encourage Others

Here are ten thoughts I use to encourage others: 1. Show real interest in the person. Listen to what they are saying. Be interested in what is happening in their life. Let them know you care. Be more interested in them than yourself. 2. Concede what’s important to them.  When you acknowledge what’s important to… Continue reading How to Encourage Others

Proverbs 21 and God’s Sovereignty

In my Bible reading this morning I read Proverbs 21. Proverbs 21 verse 1 immediately caught my attention. I meditated and reflected on the implications of Proverbs 21:1.  I read the verse in several different translations. It often helps me secure the meaning of the verse. Proverbs 21:1 deals directly with the attribute of God’s… Continue reading Proverbs 21 and God’s Sovereignty

The Gathering Storm by Sir Winston Churchill

The Gathering Storm by Sir Winston Churchill is the first volume of Churchill’s Noble Prize winning six-part chronicle of World War II. This six book series is Churchill’s personal memoirs. The Gathering Storm depicts the rise of Hitler and the indifference of the leaders of the European democracies to the clouds of the gathering storm.… Continue reading The Gathering Storm by Sir Winston Churchill

They Don’t Understand

I’m writing a novel.  Oh, I know, everyone is either writing a book, plans to write a novel or has an idea for a story that would make them rich if only the correct person put their ideas into words. I get it. Sadly, most don’t understand why writers write. So, with that in mind, I’ll… Continue reading They Don’t Understand

This Works For Me

Do you find balancing the writing life with your day job challenging? I do. Most writers trying to move from the day job to supporting themselves writing do as well. There is no wrong or right way to work full time and pursue a goal of paying your bills by your writing. Regardless of your… Continue reading This Works For Me

Why Me?

Who would have thought the secret sauce for getting 4,000 unique blog hits in a weekend would be 1) write an article about a polka dot house + 2) wait for the article to sit unfound on your blog for two and one-half years then suddenly in less than two days 4,000 unique visitors and… Continue reading Why Me?

Turtleneck and The Dickies

When this military brat moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in January 1966, my wardrobe took a significant change. The t-shirts, blue jeans, and sneakers I wore to school in Texas we not allowed at Portsmouth Junior High School. Button-down shirts with collars replaced t-shirts. I switched from jeans to men’s dress slack pants. Wingtips exiled… Continue reading Turtleneck and The Dickies

Atomic Bomb “Duck and Cover Drills”

One event we took very seriously when I was growing up as a military brat was the atomic bomb drills. From 1959 when I started public school through the school spring semester of 1967 the drill was ever present. We conducted them as regularly as we did fire drills. In the 1970s as a United… Continue reading Atomic Bomb “Duck and Cover Drills”

Camp Wehinahpay

In the 1960’s, military brats made good Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I was a Cub Scout in Arizona, a Webelo in Sequin, Texas and a Boy Scout in El Paso, Texas. A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. Every Friday night from November 1964 to… Continue reading Camp Wehinahpay

Black Faces of War: A Legacy of Honor From the American Revolution to Today

Commemorates Achievements by African-Americans “Black Faces of War: A Legacy of Honor From the American Revolution to Today” commemorates the achievements by African-Americans in the United States military from the American Revolution to the present. I loved the perfect blend of paintings, photography and prose to tell this story. The book includes contributions from prominent… Continue reading Black Faces of War: A Legacy of Honor From the American Revolution to Today