Do Not Lose Heart

13 Do Not Lose Heart 13.1 My Story My wife was excited when the eleven months of taking the prescription chemotherapy medications ended. I was expecting her to do a happy dance and to go celebrating her accomplishment. Instead of a time of rejoicing, it became a solemn watershed. She was tired of the handful… Continue reading Do Not Lose Heart

Your Health

12 Your Health 12.1 My Story Following my wife’s diagnosis with Melanoma cancer, I scheduled an appointment with the same doctor to get myself checked from head to toe. I needed to stay in good health to care for my sweetie. The doctor looked at every blemish, mole, and age spots on my body. She… Continue reading Your Health


11 Trust 11.1 My Story In August of 2016, my wife Benita and I took a lengthy “bucket list” trip. In our forty plus years of marriage, she had never been to the northeastern USA. She had heard stories from my early teens when I lived in New England as a military brat. She also… Continue reading Trust

Going Out to Eat

Going Out to Eat Sweetheart, do you have a preference on where we go out to eat? …..No. Anywhere you want is ok with me, dear. Great. There’s a McDonald’s. They have a senior coffee discount. …..Oh, but look! There’s a Subway. I think that would be better. OK. Subway it is. I’ll let you… Continue reading Going Out to Eat

The Power of God’s Word

10 The Power of God’s Word 10.1 My Story I was always amazed at the child-like faith my wife showed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Her faith reminded me of a bumper sticker frequently seen in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It just stated, “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.”… Continue reading The Power of God’s Word


9 Peace 9.1 My Story I thought I was Superman. I believed I could handle anything that would come my way in caring for my wife as she battled Melanoma cancer. I was wrong. Over Mother’s Day Weekend in May 2016, my wife started an eleven-month treatment with prescription chemotherapy medications. In less than twenty-four… Continue reading Peace


8 Time 8.1 My Story “How long …” I asked the question doctors dread to hear. How long will my wife live? I spoke those words to the physician when my mother had her kidney transplant. I repeated the words when my wife had Melanoma surgery and had thirty-four lymph nodes removed because the disease… Continue reading Time


7 Laughter 7.1 My Story First, there is nothing funny about a spouse having a chronic or terminal illness. There certainly isn’t anything funny about caring for a loved one and all the nuisances involved with the daily routine. Over the years I had heard time and time again that opposites attract. My experience would… Continue reading Laughter


6 Hearing 6.1 My Story “I need your decision on starting radiation treatment. What have decided?” asked the surgical oncologist. “Not today. I just can’t make a decision today,” said my wife. It was apparent she was overwhelmed with everything. “Any delay could be life-threatening at the worst and life-shortening at the best. You need… Continue reading Hearing

God’s Deliverance

5 Deliverance 5.1 My Story My wife’s left arm had started swelling up. The wrist and hand also were puffed up and getting noticeably larger day by day. A surgical oncologist was called. An appointment was made with the managing oncologist. When I returned from work, my wife greeted with the news. She said, “I… Continue reading God’s Deliverance