What’s With The Bloody Spot?

What’s With The Bloody Spot? 1.1 My Story “What’s going on? What’s with the bloody spot?” I asked, pointing to the half-dollar sized strain on the lower left front of my wife Benita’s blouse. My heart was aching. It looked terrible, scary. I knew this couldn’t be good. Miss Benita gazed down toward the damp… Continue reading What’s With The Bloody Spot?

Caregiving: Biblical Insights From a Caregiver’s Journey

Chronic Illness When you learn your loved one has a chronic illness, your hopes and dreams may be erased, replaced by feelings of hopelessness. You may feel overwhelmed or even afraid as you look ahead at the day-to-day struggles of caregiving. Biblical Guidance and Support Caregiving: Biblical Insights From a Caregiver’s Journey offers Biblical guidance… Continue reading Caregiving: Biblical Insights From a Caregiver’s Journey

How to Become a Christian

My Story Being a good person doesn’t get you to heaven. Being saved or born-again does. Here’s my story of how I accepted Jesus Christ and became a Christian. On July 11, 1977, my life changed. If you look up that date in history, you will find nothing historically significant happened on that Sunday. It… Continue reading How to Become a Christian

Finish Strong

23 Finish Strong 23.1 My Story The date was April 11, 2018. It was a Wednesday. I had awoken at the usual time of 5 AM. I stepped into the master bedroom where my wife was resting. I took her hand and held it. I leaned over the hospital bed and kissed her forehead first.… Continue reading Finish Strong


22 Compassion 22.1 My Story I thought I knew how to minister to hurting families and person’s facing death. My hubris said I was an expert. After all, I was a seminary trained minister and an ordained minister and an ordained deacon. I had made thousands of hospital visits, nursing home visits, and been with… Continue reading Compassion

The Lord is My Helper

21 The Lord is My Helper 21.1 My Story My wife’s diagnosis of Melanoma cancer broke my heart. I promised myself I would be there for her. I would be there in good times. I would be there in bad times. I would care for her and celebrate every time we received good news. I would… Continue reading The Lord is My Helper


20 Thanks 20.1 My Story As death was imminent for my wife, I did not feel sorry for the brevity of her life. Oh sure, I would have preferred her being healed and having another thirty plus years with me. After all, dying at sixty-one years old is dying too young. I understood that God… Continue reading Thanks

Don’t Lose Heart

19 Don’t Lose Heart 19.1 My Story I’m sure my late wife grew tired of me asking, “What did you weight this morning?” She would dutifully look at me and then give me the number. It was almost always the same weight. Oh, it may go up or down by a pound or two but… Continue reading Don’t Lose Heart