Ten Thoughts I Use to Encourage Others

Ten Thoughts I Use to Encourage Others: Over the years I have noticed people who have the ability and skill to do a task or assignment often lack the confidence to tackle the job before them. If they are a writer they may fear putting words on paper. If an analyst, they may hesitate or… Continue reading Ten Thoughts I Use to Encourage Others

A Logic Named Joe

I love reading and writing short stories. A few years ago I came up with the idea of writing a nonfiction article on the five most influential pre-1950 computers in science fiction. In researching that list of potential computers, I read a number of books and short stories. E.M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops” topped off… Continue reading A Logic Named Joe

What If There Were No C’s?

What If There Were No C’s? What if there were no “C’s” to say with our A’s and B’s? What if all the C’s went out on strike? Tired of being seen by you and me as just average unlike the letters A and B. Now here is how your life might be if out… Continue reading What If There Were No C’s?

Christian Writers Are God’s Provision

Text: Proverbs 10:17 “Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but he who rejects reproof leads others astray.” –Crossway Bibles (2018-05-19). The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (p. 534). Crossway. Kindle Edition. Our Witness is Important If our private lives don’t match our public lives, our writing suffers. More importantly, we have people… Continue reading Christian Writers Are God’s Provision

We Never Lived in the Now

The Poem’s Inspiration I wrote the below poem several years ago. I began working on it one morning after listening to my parents and their friends discussing their dreams, what they hoped to do “someday.” All the men and women were in their late 70s to early 90s in age as they discussed their bucket… Continue reading We Never Lived in the Now

The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara

Summary: The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara is the second novel in his Second World War historical fiction trilogy of the European and Mediterranean Theater. He has a fourth book dealing with the Pacific Thater of World War II. The Steel Wave’s theme is the planning and execution of Operation Overlord. Operation Overlord is the name of… Continue reading The Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara

And Life Goes On

Almost two months ago I penned my last new entry on jimmiekepler.com. Life got in my way. My bride of over forty-three years died on April 12, 2018.   She fought two types of cancer. Cancer one made its presence known in December 2013. Its name was neuroendocrine carcinoid. For those who haven’t heard of… Continue reading And Life Goes On

Going Out to Eat

Going Out to Eat Sweetheart, do you have a preference on where we go out to eat? No. Anywhere you want is okay with me dear. Great, there is a McDonald’s Restaurant; they have a senior discount … Oh, but look, there is a Subway Restaurant; I think that would be better. Okay, Subway it… Continue reading Going Out to Eat