Shamelessly Promoting a Friends Book (It Deserves Promoting!)

As Time Goes By, we learn to value the gift of each new today. Inside Mixed Blessings–As Time Goes By, you’ll find one-hundred-and-one perfectly bite-sized stories, articles, devotions, and poems, on these ten time-related topics: Minutes 24-Hours Weeks Seasons Years Centuries Era Time-Consuming Once in a Blue Moon Eternity There is something for every reader in a Mixed… Continue reading Shamelessly Promoting a Friends Book (It Deserves Promoting!)


When we face a chronic illness too often, we rush in and try to accomplish everything in our own power. We manage this. We plan that. We listen to friend A or to family member B. We may hear different recommendations from our healing team, that is the doctors, ministers, and caregivers. We need to… Continue reading Hearing

Tuesday Morning at Starbucks

Coming Here to Write Howdy yall. It is Tuesday morning, November 28, 2017. I’m sitting at my favorite table at the Starbucks at 2201 Preston Road in Plano, Texas. Located next to the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, I’ve been coming here to write in the morning for years. I wake up every morning just before… Continue reading Tuesday Morning at Starbucks


A normal feeling for one facing a chronic illness is fear. The unknown and uncertainty are scary. The very word cancer often has death or at least its possibility confronting us.  If it is rheumatoid arthritis you picture pain and decreased mobility or use of joints. Today’s Scripture reminds us that God is with us.… Continue reading Fear

The Coffeehouse Culture

Are you part of the coffee house culture? I confess I am. What Is The Coffeehouse Culture? The coffeehouse culture describes a friendly environment of associated common practices that depend upon coffee. Coffee is used as a social lubricant much as alcohol is in a bar or pub setting. Coffeehouse culture also relates to the… Continue reading The Coffeehouse Culture

Poem: The Liberator’s Helper – Part One

The Liberator’s Helper – Part One Most who are free Never experience true freedom. The Liberator’s Helper knew freedom And his knowing liberty was his prison. Part One For saving them from starvation, The Pyramid People Honored his Memory and descendants. And the descendants Of the one who saved them From the famine Lived in… Continue reading Poem: The Liberator’s Helper – Part One


The Bible does not flatter us with the false hope that goodness will secure us from trouble. Instead, the Bible warns us over and over to expect tribulation while we are in this body. Our afflictions come from all directions and at any time. The challenges are many but with Jesus Christ, we can face… Continue reading Deliverance

How to Make a Free Promotional Video for Your Book

You’ve completed the work. The book is written, edited, and published. It is available for sale on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook. You’ve told your family, friends, and writer’s group your book is there. How do you let the world know when you have a limited or no budget? Create a Promotional Video One great way… Continue reading How to Make a Free Promotional Video for Your Book

A Rocking Chair with a Warm Plaid Blanket

August 31st I retired from my day job as a full-time information technology professional. Amazing coworkers, an ever-evolving workplace that had more changes in my last three years than I had experienced in the previous forty-five years combined, and me, the baby-boomer, thriving with a Millennial skillset working as a Salesforce admin and data integrity… Continue reading A Rocking Chair with a Warm Plaid Blanket

The Impostor Affect by Andrea Lyn Sims, Ph.D.

You’ve just completed a complex project at work. You nailed the presentation that briefed the company’s executive group. Executive leadership’s praises are echoing in your ears. Your coworkers and team members are dazzled by the fantastic job you did. You learn a significant financial bonus will be on your next paycheck to reward your efforts.… Continue reading The Impostor Affect by Andrea Lyn Sims, Ph.D.