The Impostor Affect by Andrea Lyn Sims, Ph.D.

You’ve just completed a complex project at work. You nailed the presentation that briefed the company’s executive group. Executive leadership’s praises are echoing in your ears. Your coworkers and team members are dazzled by the fantastic job you did. You learn a significant financial bonus will be on your next paycheck to reward your efforts. By everyone’s standards you are at peak performing and a success yet you wonder if what you did was just a fluke or worse, you don’t even see how marvelous your execution of the project was. You wonder if you could ever pull off anything like this again. You have secret fears that your just a phony.

If most of us are honest we sometimes or almost always feel this way. Andrea Sims brings together a realistic look at the fears most of us face. She pulls back the current curtain on the doubt in our lives. She helped me realize that sometimes I feel like an unworthy or marginally capable and fear others will see how I struggle to accomplish tasks that they somehow seem to think come too easy for me.
To help us understand and deal with these terrible life challenges Andrea Sims leads us through the published research in the field using a case study approach. She opens up to the reader showing vulnerability by using examples of her own experiences and life. This method makes application of the principles studied to life and business.

The Impostor Affect by Andrea Sims is for people who need to know more about this phenomenon for themselves or for assisting others dealing with it. I believe it will also be helpful for high-achievers who doubt their ability consistently to perform at an above average level.

Well done, Dr. Andrea Lyn Sims.

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