Developing Our Patience

Developing Our Patience If there’s one thing we all need to work on it is patience. If you’re a writer you need more patience than most because of the slow pace of the publishing industry. We live our lives on the fast track with a microwave or Amazon Prime mentality. We want it now. To… Continue reading Developing Our Patience

Living the Good Life 

Living the Good Life  And the fruit of the spirit is … goodness. Did you know God made you for a purpose? When you live the way God intended you to live, you will feel good. Your life will become meaningful.  Why will you feel good? You will feel good you’re living with a purpose,… Continue reading Living the Good Life 


Faithfulness And the fruit of the spirit is … faithfulness. What does it mean to be faithful? It means to be reliable. It means to be trustworthy. It means to be dependable. It means to be consistent. Faithfulness is imperative in the Christian life. Since God desires for us to be like Him, He wants… Continue reading Faithfulness