Poem: How To Be Fab

How to Be Fab Live in the moment Experience each hour Discover today Bloom like the flower All of your dreaming Others care less Struggles and scheming Strive for the best Discover today Dreams to fulfill Life is revealing Climb the big hill Maybe tomorrow Or yesterday Bloom like the flower Go your own way… Continue reading Poem: How To Be Fab

Poem: Forever Free

Forever Free His heart cares more than it should With love enough for two His dreams are sufficient for persons three Soaring in pages of poetry, he’s forever free With love enough for two He reads each word on the page Seeing them acted out vividly on his mind’s stage His dreams are sufficient for… Continue reading Poem: Forever Free

Review: The Sound and The Fury

William Faulkner’s birthday was this past Sunday, September 25. In honor of his birthday I reread The Sound and The Fury. I read it 40 years ago while in college. I wondered if it was as great as I remembered. I must admit I struggled through the first 100 plus pages. I discovered the look… Continue reading Review: The Sound and The Fury

Poem: Red Bird

Red Bird The gale force southwest wind’s heat Had the elm leaves flapping, The foliage curled, Protecting itself from the lack of moisture And a top the tree was a red bird. His shiny feathers shown as a beacon. Their candy apple red color signals his presence. As gleaming as a perfectly ripe fruit on… Continue reading Poem: Red Bird

Poem: Elope

Elope A car slowly drives down the highway The driver’s vision impaired by blissful tears A white frame house sits near the road’s bend Then he thinks of her father and fears I love you said her letter I’m packed and ready to elope And her perfumed, lilac stationery Gives him courage, filling his senses… Continue reading Poem: Elope

Poem: Back to those … care free days

Back to those … care free days I’ve traveled back in time But only in my mind Back to the time When I was young When I use to have fun Back to those … care free days And I think about the times When our love was young There were few bills to pay… Continue reading Poem: Back to those … care free days

Hitler’s Master of the Dark Arts: Himmler’s Black Knights and the Occult Origins of the SS

Mr. Yenne takes a well-known subject, the SS, and examines it through an unusual point of view. Instead of just looking at the organizational structure and providing a time line of it’s history he digs into the historical background it through the scope of paganism showing the background and origins of Nazi racial philosophy and… Continue reading Hitler’s Master of the Dark Arts: Himmler’s Black Knights and the Occult Origins of the SS

Poem: Books

Books Books take you places You hope someday to go They transport you to times In the future or long, long ago The words paint the pictures The author’s canvas is your mind Surreal images greet you Where people aren’t always kind You don’t have to dress up to read one They’ve a special texture,… Continue reading Poem: Books

Writer’s Life: Why I Love Writing Book Reviews

Over twenty years ago I read Louis L’Amour’s book, “Education of a Wandering Man”. It is one of my all time favorites. L’Amour kept a journal recording the books he read year by year. The idea seemed unusual to me at the time, but I started doing it. About the same time I attended a… Continue reading Writer’s Life: Why I Love Writing Book Reviews

The Singer Trilogy

I first heard of The Singer Trilogy in January 1979 while working on my Master’s degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Calvin Miller, the author of the series, was the speaker for chapel services. The professor in my class before chapel said that Dr. Miller had written The Singer Trilogy which consists of The… Continue reading The Singer Trilogy