Creativity and More: The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Albert Einstein said, “The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” My undergraduate education is a liberal arts education. My major was history and my minors were English and military science.… Continue reading Creativity and More: The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Bob Dylan Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

The singer and songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on today for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” in the words of the Swedish Academy. He is the first American to win since the novelist Toni Morrison, in 1993. In a 2013 Op-Ed Essay in the… Continue reading Bob Dylan Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

Wash Perk in Denver, Colorado

The photo is of Wash Perk located in Denver, Colorado. It is a bicycle-friendly coffee house/cafe that serves up tasty snacks in an idiosyncratic atmosphere. It’s cozy. Its location near Washington Park has made it a favorite stop for locals. I asked for a specialty drink of theirs. They recommended their honey-cinnamon latte. It is… Continue reading Wash Perk in Denver, Colorado

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The Muse and Me

Have you ever had a muse, or a muse-like experience where you felt so passionate, or “taken over” by a creative spirit or compulsion to express and create? This is more than just “in the zone” … it’s almost as if someone or something takes over and writes for you. Four examples of a muse… Continue reading The Muse and Me

Poem: Coffee

Coffee By Jimmie Kepler The timer starts the morning pot brewing where it greets me at the same time my alarm rings. The first cup hides my morning breath as it energizes the blood flowing through my veins enabling me to stumble to my car and drive to Starbucks for more. A sunrise latte gives… Continue reading Poem: Coffee

My First Trip To The University of Texas McDonald Observatory

In October 1974, I made my first trip to the University of Texas McDonald Observatory. It was 500 miles one-way from the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington to Fort Davis, Texas. The purpose of the trip was to do the required astronomical labs for my physics class in astronomy. The trip was… Continue reading My First Trip To The University of Texas McDonald Observatory

Pioneer Plaza & Texas Longhorns

Pioneer Plaza: Located just north of the Dallas Convention Center is Pioneer Plaza. It is a large public park in the Convention Center District of downtown Dallas, Texas. The centerpiece of the Pioneer Plaza is large sculptures. It is a heavily visited tourist site. Located next to Pioneer Park Cemetery which features the Confederate War… Continue reading Pioneer Plaza & Texas Longhorns

I am a Military Brat

What is a military brat? A military brat is the son or daughter of an airman, marine, sailor, or soldier. These children of career military have common characteristics. They grew up in a community of service. Sacrificing for the greater good is part of their character. They moved on average once every three years to… Continue reading I am a Military Brat

My Writing Room

Jimmie A. Kepler here, greetings from the blast furnace called north Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The temperature reached 109 degrees on my front porch today. That’s hot! This morning I went to Starbucks for my morning writing. I love the early morning right before the sun comes up. There is a peacefulness found… Continue reading My Writing Room