Small Ball

Small Ball Get ’em on Get ’em over Get ’em in Jimmie Aaron Kepler 2012 Photo Source: United States Information Agency [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Winter Nights

Poetry Reading Here’s a photo of me reading my poem “Winter Nights” at Barnes & Nobles Kitchen in Legacy West, Plano, TX. Here’s the poem: Winter Nights The frigid nights fall earlier On these chilly winter days And the moon-man mounts the sky Veiled in Metropolis haze The mornings all break later So slow the… Continue reading Winter Nights

Urban Pigeons

Urban Pigeons White clouds Fill the Columbia blue sky, Like hundreds of cotton balls. The brilliance Of the summer sun, Reflected even brighter Off of the clouds. The clouds remain Suspended in the sky With little movement. A flock of pigeons, Land on an adjacent building. They stand on the edge Of the ten-story structure,… Continue reading Urban Pigeons

Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend If ever you find yourself being broken apart, Because the one you trusted has broken your heart, And all the time you find yourself crying, While on the inside you feel like you’re dying, Call me if you feel lonely, Come to me when your life needs to mend, From time to… Continue reading Your Best Friend

I Started High School

  Starting High School In San Francisco, it’s the summer of love, Long-haired hippies, peace signs, and doves. In Vietnam, the soldiers are dying, Back home their families are crying, And Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play. Jim wants to “Light My Fire,” While Grace’s rabbit only flies higher. The evening news shows the… Continue reading I Started High School

Lady Violinist

Lady Violinist Golden hair frames the picture Of a countenance with a gilded gleam, Her eyes are the clear windows Through which the hurt is seldom seen. Sweet melodies fluidly flow Methodically from her fingers and bow, A zest for life is apparent and yet The quest for personal fulfillment isn’t always met. Ethical philosophies… Continue reading Lady Violinist


Books Books take you places You hope someday to go. They transport you to times In the future or long, long ago. The words paint the pictures The author’s canvas is your mind. Surreal images greet you Where people aren’t always kind. You don’t have to dress up to read one. They’ve got a special… Continue reading Books

Little Squirrel

Little Squirrel Little squirrel In the tree I see you Looking at me Your color is red In your furry coat You look at me Sitting in the boat You’re eating the acorns Found in the tree A smile on your face Dropping the shells on me! © 2009 Jimmie Aaron Kepler, Ed.D. Originally published… Continue reading Little Squirrel

Going Out to Eat

Going Out to Eat Sweetheart, do you have a preference on where we go out to eat? …..No. Anywhere you want is ok with me, dear. Great. There’s a McDonald’s. They have a senior coffee discount. …..Oh, but look! There’s a Subway. I think that would be better. OK. Subway it is. I’ll let you… Continue reading Going Out to Eat

What If There Were No C’s?

What If There Were No C’s? What if there were no “C’s” to say with our A’s and B’s? What if all the C’s went out on strike? Tired of being seen by you and me as just average unlike the letters A and B. Now here is how your life might be if out… Continue reading What If There Were No C’s?