Let Your Heart Take Courage

Summer in Texas

Air Conditioners, Sweaters, & Hot Weather

Today in North Texas

It’s Tuesday, July 26, 2022. Today is day 31 with temperarues100 degrees or warmer in 2022. We have not measured rain at DFW Airport for 51 days. We need rain and cooler weather in North Texas.

Hot Weather

Outside, it was over 90 degrees F when I left the house before 9 AM.

Hot weather is blanketing North America. The high today in Vancouver, British Columbia, is 91 degrees F. I’ll arrive there in 22 days.

I’ll be in Vancouver for three days before going on an Alaska Cruise-tour where I’ll end up at Mt Denali and the Denali National Park. It’s 38 degrees F with light rain at Denali.


I’m sitting in Starbucks this morning wearing my cardigan sweater (see today’s selfie) as the AC is frigid.

It’s morning writing, a walk in AC comfort, a visit to the allergy doctor, Bible reading, more reading for pleasure, and an evening swim are part of the day’s agenda.


I have a dear friend whose mother passed away peacefully in the in-patient hospice care unit this morning. I’ve known this friend since 1970. Losing your mother at any age is tough.

Today’s Selfie

The selfie is from today. FYI – My trifocals are for reading and computer. The regular or distance lease has no correction as my distance vision after cataract surgery is 20/20. I have to wear glasses for driving to read the dashboard.

Got Covid?

My Currently Developing Story

Got COVID? I guarantee having Covid isn’t fun. Here’s my currently developing story.

Fully Vaccinated with Two Boosters

I am fully vaccinated with two boosters. I have the Moderna vaccines and boosters. My second booster shot was on April 2, 2022. My medical history/issues makes me an immune compromised person. 

Saturday evening I arrived home after an eight day trip. Attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference was the trips purpose.

Sinus Infection?

I started have a runny nose and symptoms like a sinus infection. They started on Saturday, June 4th during the afternoon when driving home. I was sure I just had a cold or sinus issues. 

Day Zero

To be safe and responsible, and after I had seen a post that a few people who attended the conference had tested positive for Covid, I took the home test on Sunday, June 5th, and was shocked it was positive. My symptoms were a a very bad runny nose, sinus like drainage, a severe scratchy sore throat, and feeling tired. This is considered Day Zero, the day you first test positive.

I immediately went into isolation and contacted family I had visited and stayed with Thursday evening.

My blood oxygen levels have been staying above 95%. I drink a bottle of water almost very hour for staying hydrated.The water intake helps the blood oxygen levels.

My blood pressure has stayed good. My heart rate has been high. The high heart rate can contribute to the night sweats. I have had heart issues for forty years – I’ve had a couple of stroke and three times been in coronary icu – so we keep a close eye on this.

Day One

Day One – On Monday, June 6th, I saw my primary care physician and had another Covid test. It was positive. 

The doctor prescribed a Azithromycin (Z pack), Paxlovid Antiviral Pills (Paxlovid is an oral antiviral pill that can be taken at home to help keep high-risk patients from getting so sick that they need to be hospitalized) and Prednisone (It’s a steroid used to treat many diseases and conditions associated with inflammation).

My son Jason delivered me the prescriptions Monday evening and we maintained proper isolation/distancing. I started the Z pack and Paxlovid Monday.

My symptoms of a very bad runny nose, sinus like drainage, a severe scratchy sore throat, and feeling tired continued. I also had very bad night sweats where I changed clothing four times during the night from sweating so much. I did not have a fever. 

Day Two

Day Two – Tuesday, June 7th, I started the Prednisone Tuesday morning as it can keep you from sleeping. The Z pack and Paxlovid seemed to cause some mild intestinal distress and bathroom trips.

The symptoms remained about the same though I started feeling slightly better.

Day Three

Day Three – Wednesday, June 8th. Continuing to follow the doctor’s treatment and taking meds. I can still smell and taste. The steroids are not affecting my sleep. Yes, I have some body aches. Yes, I tire easily. 

Where Did I Catch Covid?

Of course there is no way of knowing when or where I caught Covid.

First Reaction to Having Covid

My first thought when I tested positive was to quote Scripture. I selected Psalm 56:3, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” This is scary, even for a fully vaccinated and boosted 68 years old man. I had my Uncle Vernon die from Covid in December 2020. I had a member of my Bible fellowship class die from it in August 2021.

Faith in God and in Modern Medicine

I’ll continue the medical treatment, appreciate prayer, and reflect on Job 14:5 which says “Our time on earth is brief; the number of our days is already decided by you.” I truly believe that the Lord has our days numbered. I know He’s with me and knows what is best for me. Trusting in Him reduces the fear, after all I’m His child and He cares for me.

I’ll update my journey this weekend.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Follow After Christ

Routines of Life

Routines of Life

My day began with me carrying out trash. Taking my morning prescriptions followed. After a short drive, I’m enjoying a venti blonde roast coffee from Starbucks. For your information, a venti is 20 fluid ounces.

My To Do List

Today I’ll be working on Bible verse memes for the next few months. I’ll create them and schedule them. I use Canva software for this job. I post them daily on two private Facebook groups I manage. One of the groups is for my family and is used to keep track of me.

The other is for the retirees and friends of the day job from which I’m retired. I’ve been doing both foe around four years. The day job retiree/friend group helps friends and former coworkers stay connected and to share prayer requests/needs. I have 168 people in that group.

Staying Busy

I’ll also do my daily writing, some editing, and strive to get my 10,000 steps in for the day. Additionally, I’ll do some longer range planning for the my writing goals including my nonfiction, my pen name work, my blogs , some video work (working on doing a video blog), and reading/ listening goals/schedules. I also have my Spanish lesson.

My working about 30 to 40 hours a week on the writing work is why I’ve had writing income for 50 consecutive months. Some months the income is small but it all ads up and it’s what gives me purpose and fills my retirement hours.

I confess that my writing keeps me from being bored. I’m never lonely.

Today’s Selfie

The selfie is from today.

My Daily Devotional Time

You might enjoy reading the morning devotion I used. It is at https://www1.cbn.com/devotions/names-of-christ-savior.

Where to Put Your Hope