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Sunday Morning

It’s a cold 29 degrees in Dallas – Fort Worth this sunny Sunday morning. The cold bites enough for me to my black navy pea coat for the first time this season.

Morning Coffee

I’m enjoying a tall blonde roast cup of coffee at my local Starbucks. The coffeehouse has a snake of cars and SUVs in the queue for the drive thru. Inside, I had my selection of tables as the building’s interior echoed my steps as I entered the cavernous and empty tomb.

Sunday Morning Routine

Most Sunday’s, I get up, are my morning prescriptions, dress, and drive to the coffeeshop. I have a cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal. Bible memes are created for the week. I post them on two Facebook groups. One os for my family, the other is a retiree group I manage.

Next on the agenda is waiting Sunday morning church services via live streaming. Since Covid, I have not attended church in person. I also have missed only a couple of Sundays worshiping.

Following the morning service, I drive back to the house. Usually, I talk to my best guy friend during the drive. Back at the house I get on a Zoom conference where I attend my Bible fellowship class.

And thus goes the life of an ordinary guy who rejoices each day for another day of life.

Walk Worthy of the Lord

Winter Nights

Winter Nights

The frigid nights fall earlier
On these chilly winter days
And the moon-man mounts the sky
Veiled in Metropolis haze

The mornings all break later
So slow the new day’s dawn
The bitter blanket lingers
For the winter nights are so long

Stars spangle the satin sky
As the moon-man dips down low
Twinkling winks from a million worlds
And here we are, do they know?  

Oh I wish the night would never end
Yes, I wish the night would never end

February 2017

Photo Source: Pixaby