Turtleneck and The Dickies

When this military brat moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire in January 1966, my wardrobe took a significant change. The t-shirts, blue jeans, and sneakers I wore to school in Texas we not allowed at Portsmouth Junior High School. Button-down shirts with collars replaced t-shirts. I switched from jeans to men’s dress slack pants. Wingtips exiled… Continue reading Turtleneck and The Dickies

Mom Gets an Amateur Radio License

The earliest memory of this military brat has my Dad stationed at Donaldson Air Force Base. Our family lived in a small, wooden framed house located at 201 Maco Terrace in Greenville, South Carolina. Our across the street neighbors were Don and Doris Bedford. Don was a propane route salesman. Doris was a homemaker, part-time… Continue reading Mom Gets an Amateur Radio License

Wadsworth Longfellow Home

Adventures filled my life growing up as a military brat. Some of the most memorable were school field trips. A few of these excursions were life changing, opening a new world of ideas and possibilities. Two of the most impactful were trips that occurred as a student at Portsmouth Junior High School in New Hampshire.… Continue reading Wadsworth Longfellow Home

Church and the Military Brat

I have a tough question for you. When and where do you first remember attending church services? I told you the question was hard. No, I am not asking you to recall what you’ve been told by your mother or grandma about church attendance, but what you can remember. In my case, the year is… Continue reading Church and the Military Brat

Atomic Bomb Duck and Cover Drills

One event we took very seriously when I was growing up as a military brat was the atomic bomb drills. From 1959 when I started public school through the school spring semester of 1967 the drill was ever present. We conducted them as regularly as we did fire drills. In the 1970s as a United… Continue reading Atomic Bomb Duck and Cover Drills