The Illustrated Man: Chapter Sixteen – The City

The Illustrated Man
Dust-jacket from the first edition

A rocket expedition from Earth lands on an uncharted planet to be greeted by a seemingly empty city. As the humans begin to explore, they realize that the city is not as empty as it seems. The city was waiting for the arrival of humans; the contingency plan of a long dead civilization, put in place to take revenge upon humanity after their culture was wiped out with biological weapons by humans long before recorded history. Once the city captures and kills the human astronauts, the humans’ corpses are used as automations to finalize the city’s creators’ revenge; a biological attack on the Earth.

3 thoughts on “The Illustrated Man: Chapter Sixteen – The City

  1. I’m 61 years young, and I’ve read Bradbury’s work since 3rd grade !! I love Sci-Fi, and What a way , to learn the love of READING !!!! Fantastic apocalyptic, futuristic and imaginative Author . Fiction? ?
    Most of his work, genre is fiction. Or is it ?? It was ,when I read the short stories and /or novels , back then. …but now ?? Lol.💗 A great amount of his writings have come true !! Man on Moon, STAR WARS, ETC. …A lot of his active imagination and futuristic stories are now, non-fiction !! What an interview with him now, would be !!!! Right ?? Can’t wait to start reading again. .. my daughter is assigned to read “The City ” , for her English II class. We are going to be ” reading buddies “, she’s started 2nd semester and I am excited for her, to be exposed more to reading . It’s scary to think how much people don’t read or can’t read. .. too many video games? ? I wonder what Ray would think about that ?? Hell, he probably wrote about it in a short story, at one point. …

    1. Hey look! I found your comment mom (Ruth) by accident trying to find you a copy of the story… Hysterical. I am laughing so hard right now. And to add to your comment.. he did write one. It was “Fahrenheit 451”. Your amazing.

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