Poem: All Across The United States

All Across The United States

“Why are we still over there?”
I asked the Commander-in-Chief.
“Why are still in Afghanistan?
With Osama bin Laden dead,”
The Media worship our Leader.
While the FOX waits for him to slip.
“I want truthful answers,
No more straddling the fence,
The political jargon has to go,
I need words that make sense.”

“Keep calm, you just don’t understand,”
With irritation the President replied,
“You know it’s my predecessors fault,
And the Republican Congress’ too,
George W. blamed Presidents Clinton, Reagan,
And even President Number Forty-One.
That means the father, received blame from the son!”

All across the United States,
The Americans could make no sense.
Less than one percent serve in the military,
While the politicians straddle the fence!

The four horsemen of the apocalypse,
Ride above in the clouds.
As the Predators fly overhead.
They rain death from the sky!

© 2012
Jimmie A. Kepler

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