Review: Write His Answer

I found this wonderful little book while attending a seminar at the Greenlake Conference Center in Greenlake, Wisconsin. The book has 33 short chapters. You can read on a day as part of a daily devotional plan or quiet time. The chapter titles and appendix include Called to Write, Overcoming Procrastination, Seek His Kingdom First, Conquering the Deadly D’s, Driven or Led?, Proclaiming Truth to a Dying World, Laying a Bible Foundation for Your Writing Ministry, Helps for Forming Critique Groups, and From Idea to Published Manuscript.

I have gone through this book about once every year or two since it’s purchased. It reminds me of a few things I need to keep in mind and stay on task. If you are a Christian thinking about writing as a hobby, ministry, or vocation this book will point out some good foundations for you.

You will find wonderful encouragement and ideas from a Biblical point of view.

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