Writing Podcasts I Listen To

Some pretty good writing podcasts that I listen to regularly are:

ISBW_logoI Should Be Writing.

It is found at http://murverse.com/. Mur Lafferty does the podcast. I have listened to her since 2005. She was a 2012 Nominee for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Mur Lafferty is an author, podcaster, and editor. She lives in Durham, NC, with her husband and 10-year-old daughter.

Podcasts: She has been podcasting since 2004 when she started her essay-focused show, Geek Fu Action Grip. Then she started the award-winning I Should Be Writing in 2005, which is still going today. In 2010 she took over as the editor of Escape Pod, and she also runs the Angry Robot Books podcast.

Books: Starting with podcast-only titles, Mur has written several books and novellas. Her first professionally published book, The Shambling Guide to New York City, will be out in May, 2013. She writes urban fantasy, superhero satire, afterlife mythology, and Christmas stories.

Nonfiction: Mur has written for several magazines including Knights of the Dinner Table, Anime Insider, and The Escapist.

Mur is studying for her MFA in Popular Fiction at the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine.

Source: http://murverse.com/sample-page/


Adventures in SciFi Publishing.

It is found at: http://www.adventuresinscifipublishing.com/. I have listened to it since 2007.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing brings you podcast and text interviews with authors, editors, publishers, and agents of science fiction and fantasy as well as reviews, news, coverage of live events, videos, and other treats. Winner of the 2008 Best Writing-Related Parsec Award. 2011 Parsec Award Finalist.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adventures-in-Scifi-Publishing/144698272222074?id=144698272222074&sk=info

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