Life Goes On

It is Monday, January 6, 2014. With a new year, we get a new beginning, a fresh start on things. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a new start.

2013 ended in less than spectacular fashion. My household faced many challenges. The top of the list included my bride of 39 years having major intestinal surgery. We are still waiting for pathology results on a tumor they found. They told us they were not able to remove it all. I had bad bronchitis.  Had two shots, two Z packs, two rounds of antibiotics and two different cough medicines. The medications included steroids which raised my blood pressure to higher levels than it normally is. Even on my blood pressure medicine, the blood pressure is high.

Last Thursday my 86 years old father fell and broke his neck. The aftermath of that event is a major challenge. It placed a good dose of fear in my mother.  He is home, but in a neck brace.

Balancing work, care for aging parents, care for a sick spouse, routine work and doing household chores for both residences for several days has me worn out. My parents have my brother staying with them for a few days. There are tough decisions to face in the days ahead about both my parents and my spouse. Oh, let us not forget about the day job. One does have to work to earn money.

One thing I know, life goes on whether you are ready for what comes your way.

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