Vacation: Day Three

This is a quick and dirty “highlights” for the day.

  1. Left Gadsden, Alabama at 9:45 AM
  2. Miss Benita was surprised we cut across the northwest corner of Georgia on I -59.
  3. The traffic was terrible – Dallas like on I-24 and I-75 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  4. Head north from Chattanooga toward Knoxville, Tennessee.
  5. Got off I-75 near Sweetwater, Tennessee and took the back way up old US411 to Sevierville, Tennessee.
  6. Got to our hotel midafternoon. Unloaded the car and then went to my sister-in-laws house.
  7. Had a nice reunion and supper.
  8. Went for a walk around the hills in their neighborhood.
  9. Our nephew who just graduated from Liberty University and his finance arrived. We had the pleasure of meeting his soon to be wife. She is as nice as she is pretty.
  10. At midnight headed back to our hotel.

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