The Value of Setting Goals

success-259710_640Success or Failure

Did you know success or failure can start with setting goals? That’s right; it can. I’ll explain. It is simple. If you set low goals, your achievement will low. If you set high goals the probability of success and hitting those high targets is great. Set no goals, and you’ll probably maintain the status quo or worse. Here is some widely accepted goal setting principles. They apply equally to the workplace or if you write like me, your writing.

God-given talents.

You have talents. You may not recognize them, or you may ignore them. You have them! Winston Churchill became British prime minister for the first time and started the epic struggle against Hitler. Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 at age 79 for his many published works, especially his six-volume set The Second World War. He wrote the six volume set when he was in his 70’s without any help or ghost writers. The photo is of Sir Winston Churchill. At 80, Winston Churchill returned to the House of Commons as a member of parliament and exhibited 62 of his paintings. Churchhill didn’t let age get in the way of achieving is dreams.

God-given drive!

I recall when I sold my first magazine article in 1981 the editor saying I wasn’t the most talented writer he had seen. It had an intangible that money cannot buy. I wrote to specification, and I met deadlines. He told me he had a number of Prima Donna writers over the years. They were difficult to work with and missed deadlines. He preferred persons with the drive to get it done and the ability to follow instruction.  Over and over I read “success” does not always go to the most talented but to the one who has talent but doesn’t give up. If you can dream it, you can do it!

God-given challenges

You will face challenges. They may appear as problems, troubles, or difficulties. Only as you work through them will you discover that they really are opportunities to do something constructive, to become a bigger, larger, better person than ever before.

God-given location

Begin where you are. Bloom where you are planted! Some say if only I lived in the right city, had the right job or had a writing room. Start where you are. If you don’t do it now, you probably won’t do it. Don’t be a want to be writer if you desire to write. Start writing!

God-given values.

Will this bring the best out of me and benefit others? Real happiness and ultimate success will only come as you live by the values that God gives. You need to honor Him as you live them!

God-given resources

Consider the resources God has, not those He has given you, but the resources He has! The true optimist is the person who plants a tree under which he will never sit or whose fruit he will never eat.

I can share the principles of success with you. I cannot teach anyone how to be a success overnight or who will not follow these other five principles. Did you know success or failure can start with setting goals? Now you know success or failure can begin with setting goals. Why not set a few and start working to achieve them?

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