Customer Care Tip – Allow the Customer to Have a Good Experience.

Customer Care Tip – Allow the Customer to Have a Good Experience.

What is a purchaser’s experience when they have a customer service issue with your company? Is the issue handled to a mutually acceptable resolution? Is the patron’s experience a good one or one of frustration? Is your customer left with a good experience?

Most businesses policies (the why) and procedures (the how) are bountiful. Many times the regulations exist because once upon a time someone had good intentions. Our fairy tale like intent can turn into a nightmare. Policies designed to help our customers can morph into a procedural obstacle course of frustration.

We need to take a step back and look at the real reason for the policies in place and at the procedures for implementing said policies. It is not uncommon for careful analysis to come to the realization that our processes supply our needs while forgetting about the desires of our customers.

When customer’s needs take second place, they receive second class service. Fortunately, the situation is correctable. Here are a few simple steps to help make the service better.

  1. Ask your customers what their experience is like to work with you. Is it good? Is dealing with you a painful, cumbersome experience?
  2. Use a secret or mystery shopper to rate their experience with your business.
  3. Go undercover to find out for yourself what the experience is like dealing with your company. Will you like the answers you learn?
  4. Many times a good reference point on the level of customer care your company gives is found in how you are treated by your computer support people.

You hold the key to a customer’s experience when they have a customer service issue with your company.  You can make sure the issue is handled to a mutually acceptable resolution. You can ensure the customer’s experience is not one of frustration. You are the one who can allow the customer with a good experience.

Customer Care Tip – Allow the Customer to Have a Good Experience.

Jimmie Aaron Kepler

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Author: Jimmie Aaron Kepler, Ed.D.

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