Blogging 101 – Day Four: Identify Your Audience

As I continue my journey taking blogging 101, my teachers tell me it is time to my writing cap back on. Today I start honing my blogging focus.

I am reminded I why I blog. I create posts or articles for other people to see, read, and even appreciate my work. Today’s assignment is to publish a post that my audience will read. 

WordPress gave me the following assignment – “Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.”

Why would I want to do this?

  • One great way to have focus is writing with a particular person in mind. It is an excellent way to focus both my thoughts and my goals for my blog.
  • Mind expansion is a second reason for writing with my ideal audience in mind. Did you know that exploring new elements and post styles adds more tools to the storyteller’s toolbox. Yep, it does.
  • Down with boredom! Publishing different types of posts and media create visual interest. It gets and keeps people reading.

I write to share my writing journey and to have a place to practice writing. Yes, I hope someone will read what I wrote. I confess I check the stats to see how many people read my blog. I also like to know where my readers live.  I write thinking about the person who also is working on transitioning from day job to being a working writer.

I am sharing a video I made eighteen months ago showing my bedroom and home office. About the only thing that has changed is my desktop computer is now a mini-Mac, and I have a few more guitars. My rheumatoid arthritis has diminished my guitar picking skills. 

jak-moustacheJimmie Aaron Kepler is a novelist, poet, book reviewer, and award-winning short story writer. His work has appeared in over twenty venues, including Bewildering Stories and Beyond Imagination. When not writing each morning at his favorite coffee house, he supports his writing, reading, and book reviewing habit working as an IT application support analyst. He is a former Captain in the US Army. His blog Kepler’s Book Reviews was named a 100 best blogs for history buffs. You can visit him at

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