One Great Way to Write a Short Story

I am a “second-rate” short story writer. Why would I say that? “Exhibit A” shows the answer. It is a certificate documenting my second-place finish in the short story writing contest of the East Texas Christian Writer’s Conference. I have never won a short story competition but have finished in second place. I have written… Continue reading One Great Way to Write a Short Story

Bolsa Mercado, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

Today’s Coffee House is the Bolsa Mercado. Located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas at 634 W. Davis Street, it is one of the best coffee houses in the Dallas and the USA. If you like economical, casual, and want to bring your dog, it’s the place for you. It also offers some… Continue reading Bolsa Mercado, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles

The photo is of the Starbucks at The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles. I used to work across the street from it. I at my evening meal there almost every day. It was across the street from my day job and a five-minute walk from where I lived when working in Los… Continue reading Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles

A Day Job, Family, and the Writing Life

Twenty-seven hours Do you need twenty-seven hours in your day to do everything? Sorry, I can’t give your day extra hours. What I can give are some of the lessons I’ve learned and techniques I use to make the best use of my time. Maybe like a current television commercial’s characters you are stupid rich.… Continue reading A Day Job, Family, and the Writing Life

A Familiar Story

You have always loved reading and telling stories. You enjoy writing. You teachers, professors, friends, and family, say you should write a book. You attend a writer’s conference. You make a commitment to write your book … but then life gets in the way. Your spouse or partner begins feeling jealous of the time you… Continue reading A Familiar Story

Estes Park, Colorado

Today’s coffee-house photo is of the Starbucks in Estes Park, Colorado. It has two entrances. One is off the main highway that goes through town. The other is off the Big Thompson River and the river walk. It is one of my favorite Starbucks location. I’ve had coffee there at least a dozen times. I… Continue reading Estes Park, Colorado

Hollywood and Vine

Over the years I have visited hundreds of Starbucks in many states. Today’s Starbucks is located at Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood, California. It is one of the most famous intersections in Los Angeles. I worked for a software development company Los Angles the summer of 2012. Jimmie Aaron Kepler is a novelist, poet, book… Continue reading Hollywood and Vine