Bolsa Mercado, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

bolsa-mercado-2Today’s Coffee House is the Bolsa Mercado. Located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas at 634 W. Davis Street, it is one of the best coffee houses in the Dallas and the USA. If you like economical, casual, and want to bring your dog, it’s the place for you. It also offers some amazing breakfast tacos if you get there before 11:00 AM.

If you carry your laptop with you for writing or work as I do, the Bolsa Mercado offers plenty of workspaces, couches, tables, and patio seating. This is the Oak Cliff community coffee shop. If you live in this part of Dallas you will likely meet friends and acquaintances at The Bolsa Mercado. If you know someone from Oak Cliff, you may very well run into them here.

bolsa-mercado-1The menu includes gigantic macaroons, wonderful salads to go, outstanding sandwiches for lunch and even carry out meals ready. If you want a cup of black coffee, a shot of espresso or a cappuccino they have it. The Bolsa Mercado has no weaknesses. The prices are fair, the employees caring and upbeat, and the service world-class.


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