Armistice Day


On November eleven
As all of us knows
We signed an armistice
With all of our foes
And threw off our gas masks
We laid down our gun
And buried our hatchet
Along with the Hun
Now eight years have passed
Since that glorious day
When we signed that armistice
That ended the fray
And thousands of boys
Emerged from the strife
To come home a cripple
For the rest of his life
And thousands of others
Are over there still
Who never came home
And of course never will
They followed old glory
To a faraway shore
And to the loved ones at home
They returned never more
Althou’ we won glory
Across the big pond
We owe our respects
To our comrades that’s gone
And we’ll pause from our labor
Our tribute to pay
To our fallen companions
On Armistice Day

Written by Thomas Aaron Kepler in 1926.

Written by my paternal grandfather Thomas Aaron Kepler, Armistice Day is one of the poems I have that he published. A resident of Jamestown, Ohio, he passed away before I was born. His poetry and writings are the only way I have had to know him.

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