Finding Time vs Making Time to Write

read write repeatMaybe you’ve said if only I could find enough time I would write my novel. I’ve heard many people make that or similar statements through the years.

It’s a question of finding enough time I would write. Balancing your day job with your passion for writing and reading is hard. The day job is important. You need a regular paycheck and insurance. So unless you’re a Dean Koontz with a spouse who is willing to give you five years to make it with her working full-time to support you, you will need a day job.

Having a life is important. You need to divide enough time to keep yourself spiritually and physically fit. You need a sound body and a sound mind as you write. You need time for a spouse or whoever you are with in a relationship. Your spouse isn’t going to cook, clean and be happy while you hibernate in your room or study reading and writing. You have to invest time in your relationship.

Let’s face it, there are days when you are too tired or exhausted to write. There are other days where all you feel like is reading. The reading recharges your energy and is fodder for future writing.

You need to write regularly. Notice I used the word regularly, not daily. Why not daily? Because you will have some days you cannot write. If you are trying daily and miss a day you will feel guilty and may give up. If you just write one page a day for 25 out of 30 days in a month that is a 300-page book in just one year!

You can do it. You can find the time to write if it’s your passion. If writing is your passion, you will make the time.

You can find the balance to do it. Go for it!

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