Why People Don’t Self-Publish

There are three main reasons authors wanting to self-publish have for not self-publishing.

Uncertainty or Lack of Conviction.

  • You think:
    • I can’t do it.
    • No one will like or buy my book.
    • Others are the authority on this subject area.
    • Self-doubt: You can’t do this mindset.
  • You should think:
    • I have something to say.
    • I am qualified to write this.
    • If not me, who?
    • I can do this.


  • You think:
    • What if I fail?
    • What will others think?
    • What if I do this wrong?
    • I am going to look silly.
  • You should think:
    • If I touch one life, I have succeeded.
    • Others will hold me in high esteem for sharing my story.
    • My family and children will see I can do it.
    • This will be a fun adventure.


  • You think:
    • What if I start and don’t finish the book?
    • I don’t know how to do this.
    • I don’t have the technical skills.
    • It is too hard.
  • You should think:
    • I will have this finished by a certain date.
    • I can learn to do anything.
    • I know someone with or can learn the technical skills.
    • Nothing is too hard

Reflect on how you can write and publish your book. Set a date to finish the first draft. Go for it!

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