Build an Audience


Before publishing your book you need to build an audience. Gone are the days where the publisher will build your audience for you.

I can hear you thinking, why should I build an audience? You are also thinking, that sounds hard. I just want to write.

Two Reason Why You Need to Build an Audience.

  • Connect with the reader. Did you know most book sales happen because the reader has developed a connection with the author? Yes, a connection between reader and author is important.
  • You need an audience to sell your book to.

Who Is Your Audience?

  • The audience is the people who listen to what you have to say.
  • They have an interest in what you present.

Why Would They Listen to You?

  • These are your “nation” or “tribe.”
  • These are the people who listen to what you have to say.
  • These are the people you’ve built trust with.
  • These are the people who realize you are a subject matter expert or tell a great story in a genre in which they have interest.

Next time we will at several strategies to build an audience.

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