Poem: The New Boy at School

The New Boy at School

He was sitting on the front row center
Of his health class, all those years ago,
As he listened to the teacher’s lecture.
He glanced at the clock hoping it was time to go,
Beneath the clock was a blond girl wearing Doris Day’s style of hair
She looked him square in the eye and smiled, he couldn’t help but stare.
When he returned her smile she nodded and blushed

Then crossed her legs in a way that showed the bare thigh
Between her garters and her hose
And he knew right then when class did end
He had to go and say hello.
When the bell rang he walked over to her desk.
Before she could even get out of her chair
He held his hand out to help her up.
She was glad he was there.

Then he introduced himself and asked her name
As the other kids stood and stared.
He carried her books as they walked to her next class
He could smell her hair and knew it was Prell

By the end of the next class he held her hand
As they looked out at the rain
Her hand was small, soft to the touch
And sent electric charges to his brain

Then he walked her home from school.
Now the rain had gone away.
He listened to what she had to say.
He asked about her family, her dreams,
And if he could be her beau
When she said yes he kissed her hand.

A smile came to her face.
Then she sat down her books
Pulling him close in a loving embrace
She kissed him on the lips
Moved his hands to her hips
For she knew he was really shy as could be.
Then she stepped back and looked at him
Once more she smiled lovingly.
And at the window was her mother watching all she could see.
And mom smiled remembering the days of her youth.

He asked if he could take her to the football game.
Then he told her he was too young to drive.
She agreed to meet him at the stadium
They would watch the game then gaze at the stars.
When he got there to his surprise she was part of the cheerleader squad.
He stepped back and looked at her as her school spirit overflowed
And when she saw him she blew him a kiss and his heart started to race.

The new boy at school felt like he finally belonged
Then the band played the fight song and all was right with his world.
He was at the football game with the pretty blond cheerleader girl
He was sitting in the center of the front row
As she and the cheerleaders put on their show

© July 19, 2011 by Jimmie A. Kepler

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