Poem: The World Spinning

The World Spinning

The world continues spinning every day,
And seasons keep changing along the way,
We miss our old friends from times long past by
Sometimes we reflect, their memories making us cry.

At times we find the solitude is just too great.
We shutter when we think our future is left to fate
Confusion visits and we ask “What are we going to do?”
The world starts spinning as life feels like one big zoo.

Round and round the circle revolves more and more,
We always wonder “What does our future hold in store?”
And we speculate “Will he or she again come our way?
All knowing God alone is the one who can say.

Sometimes we live too much in our memories
Old times over and over  in our mind’s eye we see
Dreaming of spending time with old friends and lovers
Always fantasizing of the old feelings to rediscover

We speculate in the car, on the train, and in the bus,
Do our former friends and lovers ever think of us?
If the good old days are just that and all living was behind
Still I pray and I think I’ll just ask God for a sign.

May tomorrow will be a special and a bright day
As we progress down life’s never-ending highway
I hope your life’s journey is going great
And if God’s will, may our paths cross at a future date.

Copyright © 2008
Written by Jimmie A. Kepler

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