Driving Blind

This 1997 collection is uneven and at times weak. There is less fantasy or science fiction than in many of Ray Bradbury’s earlier works.

In the short story “Remember Me?” we find the theme of meeting a familiar face in a distant place.

The theme of children’s storytelling and kissing games is found in “House Divided”.

The theme of looking up an old flame is in “I Wonder What’s Become of Sally?”

And one of my favorite themes, the revenge of the nerd everybody picked on is the theme of “The Highest Branch on the Tree”.

The book has some terrific moments. Examples are when Bradbury recalls a tiny, dusty, moth-eaten Mexican circus, tells the hilarious story of Irish drinking buddies looking for a safe place in the bogs to take a woman, and yet another tale of perfect love squandered (“Madame et Monsieur Shill”).

If you’re new to Bradbury, this will do nicely, but for veteran readers it’s a bit of same old same old. I guess Bradbury needed another paycheck to allow this to be published. It is not bad, but this is not his best work.

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