Review: Acres of Diamonds

AcresOfDiamondsOrgCover“Acres of Diamonds” by Russell Conwell is an all time inspirational classic. It is choke-full of wisdom for those who aspire to make more of their lives.

Conwell’s book (originally a lecture) includes several principles for living.

  • He admonishes all to become more aware and sensitive of the opportunities that may be closer to you than you think.
  • He points outs one should be careful about giving children a very large inheritance lest they fail to learn to work for their wealth.
  • He includes the spiritual with a strong reminder to not separate your religion from your business.
  • He hammers home the principle of know what people need, then invest yourself in meeting what is needed.
  • He concludes by pointing out knowing what people need will give you more knowledge of obtaining a fortune than any amount of capital can give you.

The book is simple. It is full common sense.


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