Colorado Christian Writers Conference and Write His Answer

Estes Park ColoradoI remember finding “Write His Answer” in the bookstore at the Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin in the early 1990s. I was amazed. It spoke to my need as a writer. I had been freelancing about 10 years at the time.

Since then I have been through the book about once a year and given a copy to over 25 Christian writer friends. It continues to be an encouragement. My original edition is marked-up, torn and tattered as well as cherished. Marlene Bagnull is the author of “Write His Answer”. She also is the director of the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference for over a decade.

I am excited about attending the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference. It’s been on my bucket list for nearly a decade. If you’ve been thinking of attending, this is the year to come. It will be an amazing investment in your writing ministry.

Here is an article with 7 Reasons Why You Need To Come To The Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference.

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