dreamHave you ever noticed that when the calendar changes from one year to the next many people reflect on their failures and success of the old year and make resolutions to express their hopes and dreams for the new year? I have.

For the writer and poet, each new year and every new day for that matter are truly an opportunity for a new beginning. As writers, this realization should excite us. Each day is a blank page for us to paint on with our word pictures.

The choices are ours. We can want to write and never do it. We can write and never submit our work. We can write, send, wait and experience rejection or experience the elation of selling/placing an article or story and seeing our by-line.

Maybe you are an Indie or Hybrid author who has pushed “publish” who now waits for sales and to be discovered by his or her audience.

Regardless of how the last year went, of which of the above choices you made, I have good news. The new year provides you with a wonderful opportunity to move onward striving for your writing dreams.

Today is the day you can put pen to paper, fingers to the key board and begin anew your dream of writing. You can transform from a “wanna be” writer to a published writer.

Go for your writing dreams in 2016.

jak-moustacheJimmie Aaron Kepler is a novelist, poet, book reviewer, and award-winning short story writer. His work has appeared in over twenty venues, including Bewildering Stories and Beyond Imagination. When not writing each morning at his favorite coffee house, he supports his writing, reading, and book reviewing habit working as an IT application support analyst. He is a former Captain in the US Army. His blog Kepler’s Book Reviews was named a 100 best blogs for history buffs in 2010. You can visit him at http://www.jimmiekepler.com.

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