Chasing the Dream


Hello, I’m Jimmie Aaron Kepler. I’m an author, poet, and chase the brass ring with the dream of quitting my day job where I can write full time. I call “Kepler’s Coffee House.”

Why would I select “Kepler’s Coffee House” for the name of my blog?

I write almost every day at my favorite coffee house! I’ve been doing it for several years. I’m the first one there in the morning as they unlock the doors. My coffee house as I like to call it is located halfway between my home and my day job.

I commute twenty-one miles each way every day, Monday through Friday. At about the ten-mile mark I stop at my select Starbucks at 6:00 AM. I am there every day at the same time. Being at my writing table allows my muse to know when and where to find me.

I write for forty-five to seventy-five minutes and then head on to the day job. Like most people, I need the day job to have money to live and to provide health insurance.

I’m not saying you have to mirror what I do. I am saying that you need to write on a regular basis. Writing in the morning allows me to give my best to my writing. I write before the cares and responsibilities of the day clutter my mind.

Remember, it’s not where you write or when you write that matters. What is important as an author is writing. And with my stick-to-it-ness, I just may be one of the lucky persons who transitions from a day job to writing as my day job.

Yes, I’m chasing the dream. I’ve been chasing it for some years. I think I’ll make it because I won’t quit. I’ll pay the price. And just maybe, I’ll get the brass ring.

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