Hitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard Rochus Misch

HitlerHitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard Rochus Misch.

This is an insightful historical non-fiction book. It gives the reader a glimpse of history from Rochus Misch’s point of view.

Who was Rochus Misch? He was Adolph Hitler’s bodyguard. He never joined the Nazi Party. He was a man of circumstance. He had a bad injury, was the last surviving son of his family, and did not cause trouble. He was sent to be Hitler’s courier, telephonist and bodyguard. This book tells his story.

The book is filled with some familiar stories and some events he recounted were surprising. Roach Misch viewed Adolph Hitler as his boss, just the man he worked for. He lived a long life. He passed away in 2013. He was the last remaining member of the Fuhrerbunker.

What I enjoyed about the book was getting the unfiltered viewpoint of Mr. Misch. He was an eyewitness to history. I was not surprised to find some events accepted as historical fact recounted differently by Mr. Misch.

The unique insider view alone is worth the price of the book. You gain insights into the lives of the people closest to Adolph Hitler. You also receive a rare look at human side of a Hitler.

I was interesting in seeing his dealings with Eva Braun, to his duties for Hitler and Hitler’s remembering his name when a female cloakroom attendant told Hitler she wanted to go out with Misch, but he said no because he was on duty (Hitler called him by name which surprised him and let him have the evening off). Rochus Misch has allowed us a rare view into a world rarely visited. His account seems balanced as both fond and difficult memories are seen throughout his writings.

The book is an easy read with a very insight view of history.

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