Two Things I Learned About Writing – Lesson 2017 – 002

chalkboard-1927332_640Sharing what I learned about writing is one of the main reasons I blog. Each week I listen to several podcasts, read blog posts, watch videos, and of course read.

This week I learned:

New President Anxiety

I was listening to the beautiful Shipping & Handling Podcast where two literary agents talk books, fandom, writing, and beyond. The hosts are the entertaining Bridget Smith of Dunham Literary Inc. & Jennifer Udden of Donald Maas Literary Agency. The hosts talking about the new president and post-election anxiety brought me back to the real world. I live in Texas. Texas is very conservative. My circle of coworkers and friends, except my writer’s group, and my daughter and her husband are excited about the turn to the right in Washington. I heard the women expressing the anxiety most of my circle of friends had experienced during the previous president’s administration. Bottom line – I realized many creative types have been near paralyzed with anxiety because of the election. For that, thank you, Bridget and Jennifer.

Petal to the Metal

The Petal to the Metal: A Podcast with Rachael Herron and J. Thorn. On the podcast, two authors come together to share their successes and failures every Wednesday for short conversations dedicated to leaving the day job for your dream job. It is a newer podcast. I listened to all four episodes. My personal writing goal is to make enough money to write full-time. They helped me realize that making the transition is as scary as I think it will be. The point out you have to work it like the full-time job that it is. Some months the income will be microscopic, others it will be enough. They discussed the need for multiple streams of revenue. The mentioned teaching classes on writing at colleges, being a writing coach, speaking about writing and writing books, articles, and courses on writing.

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