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“But, I just want to write. I don’t want to do a website. I don’t know how to do it. Besides that, it sounds expensive and time-consuming.

Fine, not having an Internet presence is an option. Just writing can produce a book. Rarely will just writing produce readers. Having a website is a key part of a strategy for building an audience.

Website URL

I recommend a custom website URL, that is you purchasing your own domain. I recommend you select one of three options.

• Your Author Name

The website you are on is an example of using the author’s name. You are on

• Your Book’s Title

The website Prayers for the Chronically Ill is an example. I am currently writing a nonfiction book with the title Prayers for the Chronically Ill. I use the website to build my audience and build my email list.

• Your Brand

The website The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn is an example of this type of website.

What Should Your Website Include?

• A Blog

A blog written on a consistent schedule is one great way to connect with your audience. It should be focused and published on the same day of the week at least twice a month. Experts say using this schedule it can take you nine to twelve months to build an audience.

• About Your Book

Tell your readers about your book. Your book blurb is great for sharing here. It should not be a summary of your book

• About the Author

Tell the readers who you are and what qualifies you to write your book if nonfiction.

• Reviews / Endorsements

A great way to build engagement is to let your audience know people are reading your book and hear is what they are saying about it.

• Social Media Links

Point the reader to your online presence – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

• Contact Information

Allow them to email you or reach out to you. This builds a connection with your reader and loyalty as they get to know you.

• Email Signup / Call to Action

You don’t just want them to visit your website. You want them to buy your book. Ask them for their email address. This allows you to thank them for visiting your website and to let them know when your book and future books are available for purchase. Then you can remind then or ask them to buy your books.

Easy to Use, Affordable Website Hosting & Building Services:

Next time we will look at the subject: Blog Regularly.

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