Friday’s With Scrivener 3 – The Main Interface

The Main Interface

Scrivener 3’s main interface comprises three main parts They are:

The Binder

The list on the left is called the BINDER. It is called the BINDER because it acts as the project’s ring-binder. The BINDER is where you file and organize all of your material.

The Editor

The EDITOR contains the text you are reading right now. The EDITOR is where you’ll do all your writing. The EDITOR can also show research documents, such as images (JPEG files) and PDF files.

The Inspector

If you click on the “i” in the right of the toolbar (the strip of buttons at the top of the window), you’ll open the INSPECTOR. The INSPECTOR displays information relating to the document currently shown in the EDITOR. Examples of information shown include a documents synopsis, label, and status.

Next Week

Next week we will start by looking at the BINDER in more detail.

Note: Some content is adapted from the Scrivener 3.1.1 (9907) help files.

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