The Power of God’s Word

Thy Word

Part of learning to care for a person with a chronic illness is to understand the power of God’s Word. Today’s verse is a reminder of the power and guidance of God’s word, the Holy Bible. Psalm 119:105 (KJV) helps explain part of the purpose of God’s word. It reads, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

My Story

I was always amazed at the child-like faith my wife showed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Her faith reminded me of a bumper sticker frequently seen in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It just stated, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.”

As she confronted cancer, she regularly would quote Job 14:5-7 King James Version (KJV), “Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass; Turn from him, that he may rest, till he shall accomplish, as an hireling, his day.” She would comment that yes, she was getting the recommended treatment the medical team suggested. She knew they were part of the healing team and God’s plan.

Then she would add, “You know, God has my days numbered. He knew from the beginning of time when I was going to be born. He also knows when he is calling me home.”

She saw no need to worry about doing this or that to try to squeeze an extra day of life. She knew her Heavenly Father already had it all worked out.

I pray my faith in God could demonstrate an equal trust in God.

Bible Verse

Jeremiah 15:16 (KJV), “Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts.”

What the Verse Means

The verse reflects Jeremiah’s call to the office of prophet. He had not sought or expected to be a prophet. Likewise, God calls us to follow him as Believers of Jesus Christ.

As Jeremiah mentions eating the words of God he is expressing the close relationship between him and God that comes from reading, hearing, and consuming the word of God.

Jeremiah concludes in the passage telling us that he is called by God’s name. It is a reminder that God set him apart and ordained him to be a prophet. Likewise, as a Believer in Jesus Christ, God has selected you and you as Jeremiah did have responded to God’s selection of you.

Pray Using Scripture

  • Heavenly Father thank you for the Bible, your word.
  • Lord God, help me listen to, meditate, and memorize your Word, and let it sustains me.
  • Your Word brings joy to my heart.
  • Lord Jesus, that you for selecting me.

Responding to God’s Hope

  1. Are you trusting God for your tomorrows?
  2. Are you reading and applying the Bible to your everyday living?
  3. Have you considered offering to read God’s word to your loved one? You can say something like, “Is okay for me to share a short Bible passage that spoke to me? It won’t take more than a few minutes. Is that okay?”


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This blog post is adapted from the forthcoming book, “Caregiving: A Biblical Alternative” by Jimmie Aaron Kepler, Ed.D.

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