How To Have Perfect Peace

3 thoughts on “How To Have Perfect Peace

  1. After the email I just sent, I looked at at your January 2020 and noticed that your type size (there) was of good size, which I was glad to see, even though you do not use black, which is by far the best, most readable color. However, elsewhere, in some of your writings (as in the case of the size and faded color of this writing) you use a much too small type siize and color so that it strains the eyes is just not pleasing. Anyway, thank you for listening to my comments. I really am trying to be a blessing to help you know my first reaction to your email. A.R. Hill, Oregon

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ll look into how I can improve the fonts. There are some areas I have total control over and some, like the email notification are auto generated by WordPress and I do not have control of what they send. I can only agree to allow them to autogenerate the notification. I’m checking with them to see if the font of the email can be changed. God bless you.

  2. To Jimmy Kepler, I received your email and, as a dedicated Christian myself, I want to be a help by telling you my first reaction to your email. I was disappointed that you use a tiny type size, and that you do not use black as your type color. Why not? You even use a light green type on a white background, and a gray on a white background (as in this case). My eyes are already strained from having to read so many emails, but for you to so minimalize the type size and then use faded colors instead of black. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. It seems, however, to be increasingly commonplace. Anyway, I’m just trying to help you, and help my eyes and the eyes of others. Thanks. A.R. Hill, Oregon

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