6 thoughts on “Christian Love

  1. There are lots of lessons in your message, Jimmie. My first instinct was to dislike your pastor, although he did slightly redeem himself by calling John’s new church and recommending him as a teacher. I’m not a believer in the end justifying the means. Although supposed good followed John’s “firing” in that the class grew, the way your pastor handled the situation was terrible–firstly, he should have been the one to talk to John and his wife–not you. He took the easy way out making you do do it. That was wrong. Secondly, other methods could have been used: the new person and John could have co-taught for a while, alternating weeks or topics. A new class could have been created with a sligthly different focus. I just don’t feel God would approve of removing any willing, capable, righteous, spiritual leader in a church. We have so few willing servants–why punish one in this way? Sorry, I am ranting about this. As a church leader, I am so disappointed in your pastor’s behavior. You were caught in the storm.

  2. These are very insightful lessons you gleaned from that experience. Your willingness and ability to carry out this difficult task with sensitivity for John shows spiritual maturity. Thank you for sharing what you learned with us.

  3. You were called to a difficult task, Jimmie. Thank you for gleaning value from the experience, based on Scripture, and sharing it with us

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