What Does Average Joe Do on Sunday Mornings?

Sunday Morning

It’s a cold 29 degrees in Dallas – Fort Worth this sunny Sunday morning. The cold bites enough for me to my black navy pea coat for the first time this season.

Morning Coffee

I’m enjoying a tall blonde roast cup of coffee at my local Starbucks. The coffeehouse has a snake of cars and SUVs in the queue for the drive thru. Inside, I had my selection of tables as the building’s interior echoed my steps as I entered the cavernous and empty tomb.

Sunday Morning Routine

Most Sunday’s, I get up, are my morning prescriptions, dress, and drive to the coffeeshop. I have a cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal. Bible memes are created for the week. I post them on two Facebook groups. One os for my family, the other is a retiree group I manage.

Next on the agenda is waiting Sunday morning church services via live streaming. Since Covid, I have not attended church in person. I also have missed only a couple of Sundays worshiping.

Following the morning service, I drive back to the house. Usually, I talk to my best guy friend during the drive. Back at the house I get on a Zoom conference where I attend my Bible fellowship class.

And thus goes the life of an ordinary guy who rejoices each day for another day of life.

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