Writer’s Log, May 19, 2023

Jim Kepler seat in a Starbucks. He has long, below the should length hair and a beard. Look like a Dumbledore or Gandolf.

🌟 Hey there, folks! It’s Friday, May 19, 2023, and the weather is turning up the heat! ☀️ Waking up to a toasty 76 degrees Fahrenheit (24.4 Celsius) and a projected high of 91 Fahrenheit (32.7 Celsius), it feels like summer in full swing! 🌴 Can you believe it?

Last night was an absolute nail-biter as I stayed up way past my bedtime for the epic National Hockey League Eastern Conference finals playoff game between Florida and Carolina. 🏒 Four overtimes, can you believe it? It was a wild ride, but totally worth it! 🙌🏼 I finally called it quits around 3 AM when the postgame on SiriusXM channel 91 (NHL channel) wrapped up.

Now, let me tell you about my morning shenanigans! 😅 As a retired person, my body clock never seems to let me sleep in past 6 AM, even on a day like today. So, when I saw the clock reading 5:55 AM, you bet I rolled my eyes! But hey, no alarm clock needed for this free bird! I snuggled back under the covers, rolled to the center of the bed, and enjoyed a few more hours of blissful sleep. 😴 Finally, at 8:15 AM, I dragged myself out of bed, feeling a tad guilty like I had missed half the day already. Anyone else relate?

First things first, I tend to my morning rituals. Drops in the eyes to keep them bright and awake, check! 💧 A quick shuffle to get dressed, check! 💃 And of course, taking my morning RXs to keep everything in tip-top shape, check! ✔️ With those tasks tackled, it was time for my favorite part of the morning: my glorious cup of steaming coffee from the local coffee shop! ☕️ Oh, liquid caffeine, how I adore you!

Once I arrived at the coffee shop, I set up my trusty laptop, grabbed my cup of Joe, and settled in for a dose of inspiration at Christiandevotions.us. Their morning devotion prompt/story always gets my creative gears turning! 📚💡 Oh, and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick selfie for the day. You know, gotta show off the face to my adult kiddos! 😄 #VainDad

With the appropriate apps launched and the instrumental Harry Potter soundtrack playing to drown out any background noise, I’m ready to dive into my writing session. ✍️🎶 Magical vibes and a cozy coffee shop make for the perfect creative sanctuary!

But hold your horses, there’s more to this fabulous Friday! 🎉 After I wrap up my writing, I plan to indulge in some more Tolkien greatness with Lord of the Rings. 🧙‍♂️ And you know what else is on my agenda? A refreshing thirty-minute walk in the park before lunchtime! 🌳 Ah, fresh air and a bit of exercise, can’t go wrong with that combo!

Speaking of lunch, a delicious tuna sandwich is calling my name. 🥪 Yum! And let’s not forget the post-lunch nap. Blissful siestas are a must! 😴 After my beauty sleep, it’s time to give my hair some TLC. Gotta keep those locks looking fabulous!

Now, drumroll, please! 🥁 Tonight is the monthly Mensa scholarship fundraiser, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! 🤓🎓 We’ll be raising funds by playing poker, and every single buy-in goes toward college scholarships. Such a fantastic cause! I may not be the poker champ, but win or lose, I’ll gladly leave $30 at the venue to support an intelligent student’s journey to higher education. Perhaps the closest thing to being an “official” genius is to be a member of Mensa International. After all, they are in the top two percent of world wide IQs . Let’s make a difference together!

The festivities will keep me up till the wee hours, probably around midnight or even 1 AM. 🌃 But hey, it’s all worth it for a good cause, right? Afterwards, I’ll make my way back home and collapse into bed, dreaming of the adventures yet to come. 💤 And so, the life of this soon-to-be seventy-year-old continues, always filled with excitement and purpose!

Hope you all have an amazing Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead! Remember to seize every moment, cherish the small joys, and spread those positive vibes! ✨ Stay perky, my friends! 😄🌈 #Friyay #GoodVibesOnly

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