Writer’s Log, May 22, 2023

Jimmie Kepler seated outdoors in front of green bushes. He's wearing a Stetson straw hat, Kid Rock style.

🌟 Good morning, my lovely friends! It’s Monday, May 22, 2023, and I’m feeling the magical vibes today! ✨ Did you know that Prince wrote a fantastic tune called “Manic Monday,” which was made famous by The Bangles? Well, my Mondays are far from manic, they are pure magic! So, let’s kick-start this “magical Monday” and make it an extraordinary day! πŸ’«

I have not one, but two exciting announcements to share with you all today. Announcement number one: After much contemplation, I have decided NOT TO ATTEND the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference this year. My heart was urging me to go, see my friends, and have a great time, but my head reminded me of the hectic Memorial Day weekend traffic during my 1,200-mile drive each way. So, after careful consideration, the decision is made.

Now, brace yourselves for announcement number two: I have decided to treat myself to a trans-pacific cruise! 🚒 As I’ll be turning seventy-years-old this November, I realized that if I don’t embark on this adventure now, I might never do it. In October and November of this year, I’ll be flying to Los Angeles, where I’ll catch my cruise ship.

The journey will take me to breathtaking destinations, including Hawaii with three enchanting island stops, French Polynesia and Tahiti, and American Samoa with its fascinating Pago Pago. And that’s not allβ€”my cruise will also make six stops in beautiful New Zealand, where I’ll have the incredible opportunity to visit Hobbiton and The Shire from the Lord of the Rings movies!

🌺 After exploring New Zealand, I’ll head across the Tasmanian Sea to Australia. I’m even considering extending my stay there for a few extra days or maybe a week to fully immerse myself in the wonders of the land down under. It looks like a couple of lovely ladies from my Dallas writer’s group might be joining me on this remarkable journey. Oh, the anticipation and joy of planning and preparation! That’s part of the fun.

If any of you have been to any of these faraway places, I would love to hear about your experiences. Share the magic with me! ✈️

Now, let’s sprinkle some more “pixie dust” on this magical Monday, shall we? β˜•οΈ I’m currently at my favorite coffee house, enjoying a divine cup of coffee as I dive into my morning writing. It’s the perfect place to be, especially since I’ve already taken care of carrying out the recyclables and trash. With Memorial Day around the corner, I’m also getting ready to repot some plants for a cozy outdoor sitting experience. There’s something truly special about spending time amidst nature.

Speaking of nature, I’ve realized that walking must be a top priority in my daily routine. Regular exercise is the secret to slowing down the aging process and my heart. So, I’m committed to keep on keeping on and take care of my well-being. πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

In my quest for better health and convenience, I’m trying something newβ€”home delivery of food! 🍽️ I’ve decided to give Hello Fresh a shot. I’m hoping it will help me with portion control and encourage healthier eating habits. Today, I’ll be receiving my eating my first Hello Fresh meals, and I’m eagerly looking forward to trying them out. Fingers crossed for some delicious and nutritious treats!

Oh, and mark your calendars, my friends! Next Saturday, at the Angelika Theatre in Plano, Texas, I’ll be treating myself to a delightful screening of Harry Potter & The Prisoner of The Prisoner of Azkaban on the big screen, starting at 11 AM. And guess what? You’re all invited to join the fun! There’s something truly magical about watching Harry Potter movies in all their grandeur. Let’s make it a fantastic gathering of Potterheads! πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸŽ₯

Before I go, I wanted to share a selfie with all of you. Here’s a picture of me sitting outdoors, relishing the early morning sunshine while savoring my cup of coffee. It’s the little moments like these that make life truly magical. πŸŒžβ˜•οΈ

So, my dear friends, let’s embrace this “magical Monday” with open hearts and open minds. May your day be filled with joy, laughter, and enchantment. Remember, you have the power to make every day extraordinary! Let’s make it happen! πŸ’–βœ¨

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  1. I’m sorry not to see you at Blue Ridge, Jim. Your trip sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great time. I’m a walker, too, for my heart and health. I hope you enjoy Hello Fresh. I tried them for a while and enjoyed the variety and creativity of the meals, but it was too expensive for my budget. Blessings!

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