This is a short (225 pages) historical fiction novel written in 1952 by Shelby Foote. The book is greatness. Foote uses a unique approach to tell the story of the American Civil War battle of Shiloh. He employs the use of first-person perspectives of one protagonists per chapter, Union and Confederate, except chapter six where… Continue reading Shiloh

The Civil War: A Narrative (Three Volumes – 2974 pages)

This magnificently written trilogy of books on the American Civil War is not only a piece of first-rate history, but also an excellent work of literature. The late Shelby Foote brings an accomplished novelist’s descriptive power to this grand epic. This immense three-volume set should be on the bookshelf of any Civil War buff. It… Continue reading The Civil War: A Narrative (Three Volumes – 2974 pages)