Poem: The Holidays Have Come and Gone

The Holidays Have Come and Gone

Malls full of people
Shopping now
Going their own way
Credit cards in hand

Malls full of people
Crowds that never end
Blank stares on faces
In lines they stand

Malls full of people
Some young some old
Walk store to store
Christmas bonus in hand

Malls full of people
Outside north winds blow
Back in the mall
Some dressed for snow

Malls full of people
Babies in strollers fast asleep
And their mothers
With latte in hand text on the phone

Malls full of people
Sounds of tired children crying
Echo across the land
And choirs sing carols on demand

Malls full of people
Not always so
Long time ago on Main Street downtown
Streets full of people throughout the land

Main streets full of people
But now they’re gone
Times are changing
And the holidays have come and gone

Copyright © 2010 by Jimmie A. Kepler

Originally published: Kepler, Jimmie A. “The Holidays Have Come and Gone,” Poetry & Prose Magazine, December 2010. Volume 1, Issue 3, Moonchild Designs, page 18-19.


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